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Today I want to share with you one of my favourite tools, or websites I should say. The website is called  Chinesepod, and they focus on and provide translated Chinese novels and audiobooks for free. Maybe this is something that interests you and maybe it doesn’t. Well, either way, I hope that you will read the list I have composed below and consider buying at least one of the books on these lists. After all, we as students do not always know what we will need until we find ourselves in a situation where we need it desperately.

Translated Chinese Novels (CCN) with most popular and hot stories and novels. All novels ranked according to the popularity with total count of chapters and updated daily.

Do you love reading novels, but wish there was a fast and easy way to find the best translated Chinese novels?

check out Translated Chinese Novels

What is a chinese novels? There are many differences between Chinese novels and American movies. If you are on our website, you must have some interest in the differences between chinese novels and american movies. You can click on Chinese Novels to know more about the stories, download instructions and more information on Chinese books.

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