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Sports Romance Books is one of the most popular genres when it comes to Romance novels. Fiction Fiction is a type of literature that deals with imaginative content. It does not necessarily have any basis in fact or reality, and readers take this into account when they read fiction. I The label “fiction” can also be used in a narrower sense to refer specifically to narrative fiction, the novel, short story, and related forms.[1] N Non-fiction is a type of writing that presents information as objectively true. This form displays information in a way that attempts to avoid bias or “counterevidence” from the author’s personal experience or beliefs, and instead tries for accuracy and objectivity.[2]

Romance is in the air every time a play is ran, blocked, sacked or caught. Love may be involved but these books revolve around football players and enthrall even the biggest football fans.

Sports romance books are unlike other romance books. Love may be involved but football is at the center of this genre and sportsfans will find these books exciting and romantic.

These books combine everything a lover of sports and romance will be looking for in a book. Football is the center of this genre which makes them exciting and romantic.

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