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If you’re like me, you need retirement books to keep your sense of humor. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I can use a little humor to deal with the stress of retirement planning. So, I’ve done some research and compiled this list of funny retirement books.

Retirement books shouldn’t be a dull affair. If you enjoy humor, a few jokes and a light read, you’ll find a lot of these titles helpful in explaining the basics of retirement planning and the reasons why it is important. Our list of humorous retirement books can help brighten your day and make learning about retirement more entertaining. You might even end up laughing at yourself or your own struggles (or that slice of your butt hanging over your jeans).

This is an in-depth review of the latest retirement books available in the marketplace. We won’t be covering boring or cliché books, but instead will focus on poignant, hilarious, and sometimes provocative works that are guaranteed to inspire your future retirement.

I have compiled a list of the real best, most popular retirement books that are available today for you or your parents to read. These books will help inspire you, warm up your heart, and help equip you with the knowledge of how to prepare for this exciting new chapter.

Best Retirement Books to Give as a Thoughtful or Funny Gift

Give them the wisdom of Dr. Seuss but in adult form, with ‘You’re Only Old Once – a Book for Obsolete Children’, which imparts hilarious Seuss-style wisdom in his inimitable way.


Without the hustle and bustle of the working day, they will need something to keep their minds active – The Master Theorem is a book of perplexing puzzles which will really work their brain.

As retirement looms, many people’s thoughts turn to their bucket list. If theirs is looking a little sparse, treat them to The Bucket List which is packed with 1000 varied adventures.


The Five Minute Journal

Give them a better life in just five minutes a day with this brilliant journal, which encourages gratitude, positivity, and joy with one short routine for both day and night.


How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free

Whether they look on retirement with trepidation or excitement, how they approach it will make all the difference. This book will inspire them to live their best life in every single aspect.


My Life Story – So Far

They say everybody has a book in them, so help them bring it to life with this fabulous journal, which includes prompts to fill in from the early years to the present day and beyond.


Retirement Life: A Snarky Coloring Book for Adults

If you thought coloring in was for kids and nursing homes, think again! This Snarky Coloring Book contains a host of single sided and hilarious retirement-themed pictures for them to color in.


101 Fun Things to Do in Retirement

Retirement is a time for growing older disgracefully, and that’s just what this book encourages (along with some more genteel activities for when they need to be better behaved).


Retirement Is a Full-time Job

Not many people relish the idea of growing older; you can help them approach it with humor by giving them this hilarious book, which takes a light-hearted approach to advancing years.


She Explores

Show her there’s more to life than she realizes with this fab book, which tells the story of some incredible women who turned life on its head by adopting a more unusual lifestyle.


Off the Beaten Path

Now that work can’t get in the way, encourage them to see the America that most people overlook with a book which details some of the best less-well-known attractions within the USA.


31 Terrific Retirement Gifts for Women

50 States Traveled Journal

Every state will have its own attraction, and this journal has a page for all 50 of them with prompts to ensure they won’t forget even the slightest detail of their visit.


What You Don’t Know About Retirement

The golden years should be approached with good humor and a zest for life, and this retirement book pokes fun in a funny and gentle way at this exciting stage of life.


Living Together After Retirement

Retirement can be a HUGE adjustment and this book of cartoons highlights what it’s like to be together 24/7 instead of ships that pass in the night, in a light-hearted way.


Magnetic Notebook

This magnetic notebook is genius, as writers can jot down their thoughts in any order and then remove and replace them in a way that makes much more sense.

$8.95- $30.00

50 States, 5,000 Ideas

They can see the states in a way they’ve never seen before with this beautifully illustrated book, which contains 5000 things to do across all 50 states that they’d probably never think about doing.

Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal

This journal is perfect for retirement as it asks the same question on the same day for 5 years, offering an intriguing insight into how the author feels from one year to the next.


The Travel Book

For retirees who can’t or won’t travel, this book means that they can still take a journey from the comfort of their own armchair as it covers every country in the world.


The Best Is Yet To Be

Sometimes stark reality can turn retirement into something rather unenjoyable, but this book has been written to ensure that happiness is the biggest part of every post-retirement day.


Ultimate Book of Trivia

Fill their head with fascinating facts with the Ultimate Book of Trivia, which contains in excess of 1000 nuggets of wisdom they can use on the golf course or their next Caribbean cruise.


The Most Scenic Drives in America

If their retirement dream has always been to take a cross country road trip, this volume will give them plenty to think about as it features 120 mind-blowing routes for them to take.


27 Retirement Party Ideas to Send Your Coworker Off In Style

Eat What You Watch Cookbook

Movie buffs can get a taste of the Hollywood life with this fun cookbook, which contains 41 recipes from classic movies such as Saturday Night Fever, and Stand by Me.


Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips

If they’ve been saving for the trip of a lifetime when they retire, this travel guide contains 500 of the most stunning destinations – both well and lesser known – for them to consider.


Travel Journal

The ideal journal to take on their travels, this hardback notebook has a front cover with a magnetic closure and a pocket for keeping tickets, stubs, and other memorabilia safe.


Edibles Cookbook

The wonders of cannabis are becoming increasingly well-recognized now, so help them get happy without getting high by gifting them this cookbook which uses only low-dose recipes for making delicious edibles.


Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ by Dr. Seuss is a fabulous childhood favorite which also translates perfectly for the later years and retirement as they embark on their epic new adventure.


100 Parks, 5,000 Ideas

North America is home to some breath-taking places, and this beautifully illustrated guide from National Geographic highlights 5000 ideas which encompass 50 of the best national, state, and city parks there are.



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