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The Bible is more than a book. It is the story of God’s love and care for His creation. Beautifully presented, this fresh translation is inspiring, clear, and easy to read. you can get inspired version of the bible pdf here.


The Inspired Version of the Bible, also called the “Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible” (JST) or “Inspired Revision”, is a version of the Bible which was first published in 1867. It is based primarily upon the King James Version with some portions being translated from the Joseph Smith Translation.


The Inspired Version (IV) of the Holy Bible is a remarkable work translated into contemporary English. It was originally called The Perfect Emphatic Translation but this name was changed by the publisher and copyright holder in 1969 to The Inspired Version because the translators put their inspiration into the Bible they produced. Some people have claimed that there are over one million differences compared with existing Bible translations, but this is not true since the majority of these are punctuation and spelling differences. The IV is a word-for-word translation of God’s Word. This makes it exciting to read and understand because if you have studied other widely used versions you will have noticed that there are many things that seem odd or unnatural when you read them – especially things like prophecy.



joseph smith inspired version of the bible pdf

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