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What’s your impression of learning Chinese? I used to think it’s a hard, nutty language. But ever since I started learning Chinese, I’ve enjoyed it more than English! Yes, I know! That was totally unexpected for me too. Just by taking the first step to learn Mandarin using this free chinese learning books , you can be well on your way to seeing how much it can improve your life too !

I can’t tell you how often I see Chinese learners ask for free Chinese learning books and online resources. Well, here you go: You will find below a list of free Chinese learning books, some are available on the internet, while some are downloadable documents. I hope everyone can benefit from this list!

Getting started in Chinese and need to find free Chinese learning books? Here is a list of 20 great free books to get you started in no time.

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Are you interested in learning chinese language? This article is for you. Language is not just a mode of communication but can be the best way to connect with people, history, culture and many more. Learning chinese language can be fun if you enjoy reading chinese books.

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