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Abnormal psychology has a set of characteristics that make it different from the others. This is a discipline course that studies abnormal behavior and mental disorders. Normal reactions to life’s stressors are not the same as to those reactions given by an abnormal person. The latter person experiences unusual thoughts, feelings and behaviors compared to other people. In addition, the other person may have other problems such as physical ailments that can result into poor health or even death. The free books on abnormal psychology discussed here will help readers understand how normal and abnormal personality traits manifest in certain people, and deal with it.

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list of Free Books On Abnormal Psychology

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There is a free abnormal psychology ebook by each famous author. For example, you’ll learn about the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DMS-IV) and there will be plenty of examples and cases. You also will find information about dissociative identity disorder, schizophrenia and multiple personalities. You can download it for free or read online, but you must have some prior background knowledge of psychology to understand some parts.

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