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Financial planning books india – Before you start the financial planning process, follow the above mentioned steps to set up your financial plan template. These are some of the best ways to create an outstanding financial planning document.

Youth is a period of financial planning, for this you must have good money management skills to manage your expenses. It’s obligatory for all the students to book their own budget plan. So, here I would like to provide some information about the best financial planning books. You should use this information for reference which can help you in managing your pocket money.

Do you want to earn passive income? Do you want to take your money to your next level? You can make this possible by reading the financial planning books. These books will help you in managing and boosting your finance.

Reference books are indeed an essential part of our education. We all travel through college, offices and workplaces carrying with us, at one point or another, a guide book that provides the necessary information for solving problems. The series of publications entitled “Financial Planning Books” are very meticulously selected by us to make available to our readers an encyclopedic coverage of over several specialized fields of finance.         

About Financial Planning Books India

“Urban Indians today are saving and investing less, while allocating 59% of income to current expenses.” Conventional personal finance advice recommends a higher outgo to savings than regular expenses. A 50/30/20 rule promoted by many advisors recommends segregating 20 percent of income for savings while 50 percent should go into necessities and 30 percent into discretionary expenses such as movies, restaurants etc. A higher savings is fine.

Ideally, lack of alternative revenue stream should not worry as long as one is able to save smaller amounts periodically for the long term.  

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