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Financial planning books are the best way to learn, but it can be hard to find books with essential information for financial advisors. We created this list of the best financial planning books for advisors to make it easier.  We made sure to cover all topics including retirement planning, portfolio management, insurance planning, taxes, and more.  You can find curated book lists based on your role too.

There are plenty of books for people wanting to learn how to invest or manage their portfolio, but I never knew where to find financial planning books. Then one day, I found this list online. And I thought to myself — wouldn’t it be great if there was a blog out there that compiled all the best financial planning books around into one list?

Most financial advisors I’ve met would love to read more. With so many blogs and magazines out there and so little time, and so few quality books on the market, I’ve decided to compile a list of financial planning books that you can get behind.

It takes years of practice to become an expert. Every successful investment advisor needs to build his or her knowledge base. But what are the best financial planning books recommended by the professionals? This article offers the answers for you!

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As a voracious reader, it’s hard to name them all. Many of the books that have had the greatest impact on me have standalone articles dedicated to them on this site. Annually, I also publish a “Summer Reading List” of the top books for financial advisors that I’ve read in the past year.

Financial advisors and money professionals can choose from a range of books to supercharge their professional development, advice-giving strategies and money-management skills.

Financial Planning books will help you to know how to plan a personal budget, how to save, how to invest and also how to plan for insurance, estate, retirement, tax, and all other activities which are included with the money. Below is the list of such financial planning books that you must read.

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