famous chinese books

If you are planning to get Chinese textbooks or China travel guides which you read for up-coming 2017 China tour packages, these famous chinese books may be helpful for you.

There are plenty of famous Chinese books and among them, there are some which could be argued as the best Chinese books ever. One would even say that many of them were carried away from ancient China to other countries. Want to know why? Let’s find out.

list of Famous Chinese Books

Chinese literature thrived for thousands of years. Here we shall take a look at the top 5 works of classic chinese literature. We shall do so chronologically and break each work into different parts, such as: Plot summary, Main Characters and Influences. Chinese literature is one of the oldest of the world. The history of Chinese literature is so old that no one can tell its exact starting date. There are many people who contributed to the development of Chinese literature. We have Mencius, Confucius, Lao-tzu, Mo Ti, Han Fei Tzu and Han Yu who are philosophers, writers and litterateur.

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