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Why do small businesses have such a difficult time surviving and thriving?
There are many reasons, but three of the top four reasons for small business failure are:
the business ran out of cash,
didn’t have the right team,
or were outcompete.

What do these three reasons have in common?
They are all directly related to customer service.
Customer service has a massive influence on sales and cash flow. Customer service has a direct effect on the attitude and actions of the team running the business. Customer service has a direct impact on a business’s competitive advantage.
I’ve used the ideas and principles in this book to build and run three very successful businesses. I’ve seen these principles transform my clients’ businesses, helping them grow, and creating more remarkable success. I didn’t write this book on what I’ve heard about; I wrote this book based on first-hand knowledge and after experiencing the incredible benefits of creating a service culture based business.
My goal in this book is to help businesses to go from surviving to thriving and from thriving to dominating!
This is accomplished by creating and enhancing customer service and developing a business’s service culture and attitude.
This is not a book about customer service! This is a book about success!
It’s about how to run and sustain a successful business. This book is not just for the companies that are struggling and are on the brink of closing. This book is also for successful companies that are doing well but could be doing even better. This book is for one-person operations or business with 1000’s of employees. For the brick and mortar business to the digital business. It doesn’t matter the business type because treating customers is the same for every business.
You might be thinking this all sounds great, but can improving your customer service really make that big of an impact on a business?
You don’t have to take my word for it. All you have to do is look at some of the most successful businesses on the planet.
Companies such as Amazon, Southwest Airlines, Zappos, Apple, and Chick-fil-A have all been built on the foundation of exceptional customer service.
What do you have to lose by reading this book? Nothing! As you read this book, my promise to you is you’ll find simple strategies, ideas, and principles.
If you take action and implement them, you’ll notice and see a significant change in your business success and the business’s atmosphere. It’ll be a happier, friendlier, and better place to work.
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