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Community medicine books for college students deal with the health of college students on campus – first aid, health maintenance, preventive medicine, women’s health care, nursing care, fitness/nutrition, legal issues for women wanting abortions and contraception information. The most common diseases are cancer/AIDS/HIV (prevention is always recommended), sexually transmitted diseases, depression (sexual or otherwise), behavioral issues, substance abuse (also prevention is usually urged), psychological disorders (bipolar disorder is the most common). Very helpful community medicine books. provides community medicine books and resources that support the needs of college and university students, especially those who lack health care or any other type of health care literacy.

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About Community Medicine Books

Community medicine is concerned with the prevention of disease, the determinants and natural history of disease in populations, and the influence of the environment and of society on health and disease. Community Medicine may be defined as: “The art and science of application of technical knowledge and skills to the delivery of healthcare to a given community, designed in collaboration with related professions as well as human and social sciences on the one hand, and community on the other.”

Community medicine is concerned with the delivery of health services to the individual and family and Public health have vastly different missions. The mission of Public Health includes the delivery of community medicine services; surveillance of diseases; environmental protection; epidemiology; public education and information services, as well as immunization programs. Among the elements of successful Community Medicine and Public Health partnerships are a legal and regulatory framework with minimum standards for quality of services;  transparency and monitoring provides social accountability ; continuity of policy helps to avoid duplication;  sharing of resourcesƒ mutually benefits both partners; cost sharing and responsibility reduces financial burden; communication and  sharing information,  manpower and financial resources improve quality of care.

community medicine books:

·  Text book of Community Medicine. 6th Ed. by Ilyas Ansari.

·  Text book of Community Medicine by Park J E. Latest Edition

·   Medical Statistics. 2nd Ed. by R. Turkwood.

·  Text book of Community Medicine by Maxie Rozani. Latest Edition

·  Essentials of Epidemology in Public Health by Ann Aschengrau

·  Essentials of Public Health by Benard J. Turnock

·  Textbook of Community Medicine (Preventive & Social Medicine) by Sunder Lal et al

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