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Community medicine books pdf for college students deal with the health of college students on campus – first aid, health maintenance, preventive medicine, women’s health care, nursing care, fitness/nutrition, legal issues for women wanting abortions and contraception information. The most common diseases are cancer/AIDS/HIV (prevention is always recommended), sexually transmitted diseases, depression (sexual or otherwise), behavioral issues, substance abuse (also prevention is usually urged), psychological disorders (bipolar disorder is the most common). Very helpful community medicine books pdf. provides community medicine books pdf and resources that support the needs of college and university students, especially those who lack health care or any other type of health care literacy.

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About Community Medicine Books Pdf

Community Medicine is a new branch of medicine. It is often considered synonymous with Preventive and Social Medicine(PSM), Public Health, and Community Health. All these share common ground, i.e., prevention of disease and promotion of health. In short, Community Medicine provides comprehensive health services ranging from preventive, promotive, curative to rehabilitative services. The importance of the speciality of Community Medicine has been very well recognised and emphasized repeatedly from grass root to international levels, not only in health sector but in other related sectors too. The emphasis in community medicine is on the early diagnosis of disease, the recognition of environmental and occupational hazards to good health, and the prevention of disease in the community The industrial revolution of the 18th century while bringing affluence also brought new problems – slums, accumulation of refuse and human excreta, overcrowding and a variety of social problems.

Community Medicine has been defined as that speciality which deals with populations, and comprises those doctors who try to measure the needs of the population, both sick and well, who plan and administer services to meet those needs, and those who are engaged in research and teaching in the field. Decades old concept of health care approach has experienced a dramatic change. Today health is not merely an absence of disease; it is related to quality of life instead. Health is considered a means of productivity. Thus health development is essential to socio-economic development as a whole. Since health is an integral part of development, all sectors of society have an effect on health. Scope of medicine has extended from individual to community. Study of health and disease in population is replacing study of disease in man. Germ theory of disease gave place to newer concepts – multi-factorial causation. Social and behavioural aspects of the disease have been accorded a new priority. Contemporary medicine is no longer solely an art and science for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It is also the science for the prevention of disease and promotion of health.

Social and Community Medicine for Students presents an extensive examination of the application of medical sociology to community treatment. It discusses the principles behind the scope and methods of epidemiology. It addresses studies in attitudes and illness. Some of the topics covered in the book are the sick role in Western Societies; sickness behavior in a traditional society; statistics vital to social medicine; geographical pathology of cancer; scope and methods of epidemiology; possibilities and limitations of health education; and health in industry and external disability. The definition and description of social provisions for health and welfare are fully covered.

Community medicine books pdf :

  1. Text Book of Community Medicine (Paperback 1st Nov 2017)
  2. Community Medicine: A Student’s Manual – by Parikshit Sanyal
  3. Exam Preparatory Manual For Undergraduates Community Medicine (PSM) – by Jain Vivek
  4. Community Medicine With Recent Advances – by Suryakantha
  5. Community Medicine: Prep Manual for Undergraduates – by Rajvir Bhalwar
  6. Community Medicine – by Ranganath TS
  7. Sensor Technologies: Healthcare, Wellness, and Environmental Applications – by Michael J McGrath and Cliodhna Ni Scanaill
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