College Sport Romance Books

Bored with your summer job? Need a new way to fill the days as the kids are not yet back in school? suggests a fun and educational way to make time pass quickly: read a romance novel written by a college sportswriter. Romance novels are always a hit at summer parties because they mean women who come to the party will be able to enjoy themselves even if their partner can’t stay long or one of their friends is sick.

College sport romance books are the new trend in romance novels. The passion, the drama, and the theatrics of college athletics have an appeal that will have women around the world drooling over their romance novels. These novels have everything that any sports fan could want.

Sport romance books are all the rage in the romance genre. Many of the books are written about athletes who are involved in many forms of sport. Today, there are more titles in this niche than in any other category in the romance business. However, one particular subset has grown in popularity. These are college sport series.  

Find the top best selling sports romance novels in our romance bestseller series. Our review of these books is based on the author, storyplot, popularity, and overall customer feedback.

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