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You know what’s great? Books. You know what’s not so great? Going to college. You know what three words I never thought I’d say in that order? Chinese novels English translation. So how can you enjoy Chinese literature without getting another education?

Chinese story in English translation, and with pictures and in color! Several translated chinese novels in Chinese and English: with pictures and in color.

In the last decade or so, there has been a surge of novels from East Asia being translated into English. The most popular of these books are from Japan and Korea. I’ll be covering some of the most popular series from Japan which you can read online for free since they were originally published in web format.

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Chinese is the oldest language known to man. Sadly, not many people speak Chinese anymore. The biggest reason why that is true is because of all the hard work it takes to learn the language. Fortunately, there are some tools out there for learning Chinese.

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