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The best way to learn in my opinion is in person, but in this day and age, there are so many people who don’t know how to do that. I absolutely love ChinesePod for learning Chinese, it’s truly the best thing out there when it comes to comprehensive programs online. The other option you have available is to get some Chinese learning books. That is what I did the first time I learned Chinese.

Chinese is not an easy language to learn. If you’re having problems finding good Chinese learning books, then here are some recommendations that can help you out.

Oh, you want to learn Chinese? There’s a bajillion of you who think this way, and it is understandable. After all, the language belongs to one of the most lucrative economies in the world, and at least for now Chinese continues to be a highly sought after language especially for businesses and other fields that draw big money. So how many books should you read? What’s the quality like? What’s the fun if it is dry and soulless? Using the books below will help you form a foundation for your Chinese learning. For extra help, we’ve put together some useful tips in learning Chinese that will better your experience in learning the language.

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Learning Chinese language is never been so easy! If you are a beginner and want to learn the Chinese language with 1000 most important words, this book is a must have for you! This book is a guide to read, hear and speak 1000 most frequently used Chinese words with their pinyin transcription.

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