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Dr. Seuss stories are perhaps the most well-known books to come out of China, but there are at least three other good examples of chinese children’s books that every child should read.

Chinese children’s books are better on some occasions, since they cover many topics like science, general knowledge etc. on some other occasions Those books may not be the best choice for the advanced students who are doing their own self-study. That’s why today we are looking into the chinese children’s books that I’ve found to be helpful for all types of Chinese learners.

As one of the most successful children’s reading websites in China, www.colleger learners .ca has provided users with lots of wonderful Chinese children’s books for about 5 years. The main business of college learners is to provide online reading services for people who want to read Chinese classic novels.

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Chinese children’s books are colorful, some are even cute. Chinese children’s books are different from western children’s books in terms of its functions. Chinese children’s books are not merely stories to tell children, they are also tools for education. They are used to expand the ability of the child’s visual perception, enhance its imagination, improve its memory ability and teach him or her to identify more clearly between good and bad.

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