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Happy Birthday, Johnny was written in a charming style that children will love and parents will praise. The story is a compelling one full of life-lessons and interest, where the young boy learns about friendship, socializing and much more.

This children’s book is the story of two friends with a common dream. They set out on different paths to fulfill this dream. One gets discouraged, but the other does not. The message we wish to convey through this book can be described in one word – courage. We hope that after reading this book your child will realize that he/she has what it takes to do great things.

What is ‘The Curse of Mr. Dinklington’ about? The book was originally designed for my daughters to use as a tool for their English lessons. That said, I have also written stories for them previously, which were only published to family and friends. I wanted to do something more, so this time I decided to get some help from a professional editor who helped me fix the errors and prepare it for publication.

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