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The Higher Self is the best version of ourselves, who we truly want to be deep down if we could be anything. The Higher Self is our ideal self and our ideal life, free from all negativity and limitations. It’s where we see ourselves if everything goes as perfectly as possible.

The higher self also has a much broader perspective than our everyday self—it sees the big picture, the patterns of life and death and rebirth, the twisted thread that connects us all and runs through every living thing on this planet. It’s how we get in touch with our soul, the part of us that has lived many different lives, not just this one. It’s the part that remembers all that it’s seen and experienced over many lifetimes, even though we can’t consciously remember any of it. The higher self is infinitely wise; it has a much clearer view of reality than we do due to its bird’s-eye perspective on life.

The higher self is also intrinsically tied to your intuition: it knows things not because they are written down somewhere or because someone told you them—it just knows them. Your intuition is your gut instinct: when something makes sense on a level deeper than logic or reason. Your intuition guides you towards your higher self by showing you what

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Higher Self is a book about the search for one’s true nature, and isn’t just about being a student. It describes an inner journey, taking an honest look at what each person is doing right now. Students, step-parents, teachers, coaches and everyone in-between will enjoy reading this coming of age story of love – between friends, family and romantic partners.

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