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Baby Chinese Books is a part of the Vocabulary team. I’ve been using Chinese language textbooks for 20 years, and have taught Chinese-speaking students for over 10 years. During this journey, some learners have asked us where they can buy a dictionary book with simplified chinese character on one page and pinyin/english on the other, that’s for babies or beginners? Also some teachers want to use the simplified character to teach this group of learners, but there is no such book on the market.

If you want to learn Chinese, you must know Chinese Baby Books. Here we provide free chinese lessons and online tutoring.

Children Love Chinese Books Every child loves a book. Over time, your child will be exposed to a variety of books. For a young child, a picture book should be fun to look at and stimulate imagination.

list of Baby Chinese Books

Chinese books for all levels with audios. Easy pronunciation, understand with less efforts. It is one of the most famous Chinese learning texts in China. It is also very used in China’s companies, so it is widely spread in offices nationwide.

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