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Many individuals are interested in advanced social psychology books but don’t exactly know what type of book they are in search for. These books are actually one of the most in-demand varieties that people are looking for when it comes to book titles. The amount of information found within this type of book is much greater than the content shared within the traditional variety.

Andrew Prisbell is a Research Assistant at the Temple University Institute for Survey Research. He has been involved in many projects ranging from opinion polling to coverage critiques of Presidential speeches. In the course of his research, he studied advanced social psychology books which led him to his current project,

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The e-Book provides a comprehensive knowledge of social psychology for those who are interesting in understanding the behavior of humans and nonhumans. It presents information on fundamental and theoretical bases, research, and real-life implementations of social psychology. The book is unique as it presents the topics for readers to understand their own behaviors and thoughts. If you want to become a successful practitioner and apply what you read to your daily life and work, this is one of the best social psychology textbooks that you can find, recommended specifically for those who consider themselves social psych students or beginners at behavioral science.

With the explosion of social media in our society it is no wonder that social psychologists are looking at how we communicate and interact with others on social media sites. These ten books will introduce you to the world of social psychology or help you learn more about how you’ve been influenced by others on social media.

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