19th century german novels

As college learners , you think of reading novels for research purpose. I have provided the list of some famous novels of 19th century german writers.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that English majors and their parents frequently bear a passionate resentment toward novels written before the twentieth century. This could be because they can’t find jobs, and soiling ourselves with literature seems like a waste. One solution: 19th-century German novels. They’re longer than those from any other country during the time period, which means you’ll have to read them from beginning to end rather than skipping around, thus making friends and family slightly less likely to wonder why you aren’t employed. Here are 13 works of “German realism” to consider adding to your curriculum.

Back in the early 19th century, Germany led Europe with their contributions to the world of books and literature. This era is referred to as the “Sturm und Drang” era, and there were many influential novels written during this period. Some of these novels were considered scandalous for their time, and others helped to popularize the Romantic era all over Europe.

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Before German literature was even written down it had already achieved an artistic expression in the field of woodcarving. How were the first German novels read, before mass literacy? Only wealthy burghers on vacation had the time to read long books; peasants had better things to do on their meager free time; the first novels were too difficult for children (but then again, some adults, like Goethe, had favorite books that they carried on their travels and returned to again and again).

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